YNKWGTH (You never know what’s going to happen…)

Well, in this case, we do. We are going to make a refreshingly relevant, raucous, rabble rouser of a rock and roll record. (Alliteration… drop the mic.) We are going back to the studio (a.k.a. SongBuilders) tonight to continue the journey toward punk-ish perfection. Along the way we’ll be posting little snippets for you, some you may have already seen on Facebook and other not so social media places. This little clip gave me a chuckle, so I thought I’d share. One, because when preparing to make your amps go to 11, you really only need a few essentials with you, and two, because my dear Andy hates these particular essentials and much prefers the kind our fish likes to drink (hence FWABL… 10 points for whomever can tell me what that stands for). He drinks like a fish and he drinks like our fish. Ha!

Anyway, throw a couple cold ones in a cooler and hit the LITEs, it’s time to rock.

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