Wig Out at the Black Cat

We are pumped to be heading out tonite to see legendary DC melodic hardcore band Dag Nasty at the Black Cat. Hey, remember that time we played at the Black Cat with Suffrajett? Man, they were good and what a fun show that was… back… in… 2005… well, anyway, back to present day. Dag Nasty has been rocking on and off, in various forms, for a long time. They are a product of the mid-late 80’s post-punk hardcore scene that we love so much and that has influenced the grubspoon sound so heavily. It’s encouraging to see them still putting out new music and we’re looking forward to their upcoming 2 song release on Dischord on May 20. Speaking of new music, our recording session last weekend went great. Thanks again to WrightWay Studios, SongBuilders Studios and Studio Unknown. We still have work to do, so hang tight, but we are well on our way to sharing new grubspoon with our world of fans. We’re pumped to rock with you all too!

grubspoon plays the Black Cat circa 2005

grubspoon plays the Black Cat circa 2005 and we’re looking forward to a walk down memory lane while wiggin’ out with Dag Nasty tonite.

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