Before embarking on the next chapter, let’s take a look back at where we’ve been. Perhaps Emily Tartanella said it best in a write-up at in 2005;

grubspoon could be from two very distinct decades.

On one hand, they’ve got the vocals that would make Robert Plant nod approvingly. They feature drums that fall like rocks in a quarry. They swagger like the kind of band who would make their home at (the dearly departed) CBGB’s in the glory days of Television. 

Meanwhile they use guitars that might as well be swathed in flannel. With a call and a response, they can evoke some of the best (and occasionally worst) of recent metal. Not to mention, Grubspoon rock like the bizarre love child of Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. Make no mistake; this is guy-rock at its best, be it from the 70s or the 90s.

She had no way of knowing just how close to the truth she was, it’s just her math was off. The first grubspoon hay day was in the first decade of the two-thousands (’00-’06). Then the band decided to indulge it’s fantasy of a speedy, sonic death. But now reformed older and wiser, grubspoon’s second chapter will no doubt bring with it just as much swagger and this time we’re going to keep it simple.

Oh, but we still won’t forget to always start with distortion.


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