Poolesville Day 2014 & New Music

We’re back at Poolesville Day on Saturday, Sept. 20.  We play at 12:45pm (yes, that’s in the afternoon) beside the Post Office.  Poolesville Day is awesome, it’s going to be a blast, we hope to see everyone!

In other news, we’re chipping away at our new record, with one song done and 7 others in various stages.  After Poolesville Day, it’s full steam ahead in getting it all laid down.  The working title of the record is ‘We don’t need to do this.’  The tunes are great, some are a bit of a departure from our other stuff, but we’re really digging it.  We expect the record to be out in early 2015, fingers crossed.

AND we’re going to be playing several of the new tunes on Saturday, so don’t miss it!

Grubspoon at Poolesville Day 2012, courtesy of Dave Sheron:



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