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Can you feel it? An ominous ripple in the space-time continuum? That ripple kind of looks like a spoon, doesn't it? Well it's the new album and we hope you're prepared.

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Our catalog of epic, heart pounding, punkishly dissonant, super grooves is delightfully cleansing musical medicine for your soul. Download it. Love it. Rock it. Share it...

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We love to rock. We love to rock you. We know you love to rock too. Let's all join forces and blow the lid off this thang!

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Distortion. Always start with distortion.

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Ottobar Show (Jan. 18th) Ticket Info

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Show Info:
Sunday, January 18, 2015 at the Ottobar, Baltimore MD

Go to Gorilla Music:

Fill out the form:

    1. Enter the city: Baltimore
    2. Enter the date: 01/18/2015
    3. Enter the band you are going to see: grubspoon
    (Please be sure to enter our name, so we get credit)
    4. Enter how many: Bring the whole neighborhood!

Bring your receipt to the Ottobar on the 18th and get ready to rock. You must purchase tickets online by Friday, January 16th before 2 pm (EST). Why wait? Do it NOW. You know you want to. We want you to as well. We will post here to as soon as we know what our set time is, but go ahead and get your tickets. Right now.

Ottobar Show Announcement

We’re playing Baltimore’s famous venue, the Ottobar, on Sunday, January 18, 2015 in a band showcase headlined by Signs Point East.

Doors open at 4pm. Show starts at 4:15 pm and it’s ALL AGES! We’ll have a better idea of our set time in a few weeks, and tickets will soon be available on Mission Tix, but here are some details.

The Ottobar opened in downtown Baltimore September 1997 and then moved in November 2001 to 2549 North Howard street (lower charles village). National artists of note so far: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Drive-By Truckers, Dinosaur Jr, TV On The Radio, The Breeders, Maroon 5, Supersuckers, Quiet Riot, KRS-ONE, Jonathan Richman, David Cross, Michael Ian Black, At The Drive In, Atmosphere, The Melvins, Coheed And Cambria, Bouncing Souls, Animal Collective and of course, many many more. Local artists have included: Lake Trout, Glenmont Popes, Fishnet Stalkers, Thrushes, Celebration, Ponytail, Misery Index, Prince Charming Chazz and more.

Come out and rock to some new grubspoon; songs that will be on the new record! Be sure to check out our page at ReverbNation, listen to some of your favorite tunes and drop us a note. See you at the show!

We’re now on bandcamp!

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted, so I thought I’d get a quick update out. We are continuing to record, and the new stuff is really great. You’re going to love it, trust me. We also continue to expand our online footprint to make sure everybody has exposure and equal access to all the grubspoon they can handle.

We’re on bandcamp, it’s a free music community for artists and fans. You can download grubspoon for free, again, yes, free, again.

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For booking information and general inquiries, please contact us via:

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@grubspoon on Twitter

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