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NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, Contest Entry

Ever listen to All Songs Considered on NPR, hosted by Bob Boilen? Ever watch the Tiny Desk Concerts? You know, the concert series that has features artists like Adele, T-Pain, John Legend and Wilco? We know you have.

Well, NPR Music sponsored a contest, looking for the next big artist to play behind Bob’s Tiny Desk, and we entered! Check it out, leave a comment, tell us (and NPR) how novel and well executed our video concept is, and how great our new song “Gone” is! Winners announced on Feb. 12.

If we win… oh, eh-hem, I mean… when we win, we’ll perform at the Tiny Desk at NPR and play the Lagunitas “CouchTrippin’ to Austin” show in March! I mean, a band can dream, right?

Thank You

Thank you to everybody who came out to the Ottobar show last night. Wow, what a great show. One of our favorite quotes of the night was from one of our new fans, who after coming out of the mosh pit exclaimed, “I’m so excited, I think I might throw up!” He had the biggest grin on his face for the rest of the night.

What? You don’t believe there was a mosh pit? Check out a special video clip of “FVA” below. There were young kids, middle-aged men, mothers, girlfriends… all breaking loose to the FVA anthem.

[NOTE: Speaking of kids, don’t watch this with yours. This is for grown-ups.]

We’d also like to thank all the other bands. Everybody was super cool getting the place set-up before and between sets. We hope all our fans give them some love and hit them up on Facebook or at an upcoming show soon. Y’all rocked!

Milton J and the Leftovers
Foggy May
Brothers Clair
Never Ending Fall
and headliner Signs Point East

And finally, thank you to the Ottobar and to Gorilla Music. We had a ball and really appreciate you letting us be so obnoxious and have so much fun.

Ottobar Show Set Time Update

We’re pumped to see all of you at the Ottobar, this Sunday, January 18, 2015 for the “Best of Baltimore” show.

Set Time – 6:00 pm

Doors open at 4:00 pm. Come and hang out with us before our set!
The first band goes on at 4:15 pm.
We go on at 6:00, get there early… we play fast and you don’t want to miss a minute.

We have a terrific set list prepared, including old favorites like ventriloquist (download .mp3) and penance (download .mp3). We’re also unveiling some BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW GRUBSPOON, the kind that has never, never ever been heard in public before.

Get ready to ROCK.

And, of course, we suggest you make a full evening of the event. There’s an eclectic mix of music planned including rock, hip hop, folk, etc. Check out the other bands in the line-up as well, including;

Signs Point East (headliner)
Never Ending Fall
Foggy May
Brothers Clair
Milton J and the Leftovers
Yours Truly

… and heck, since we gave you links to all the other bands Facebook pages, why don’t you hit us up at the grubspoon Facebook page and be sure to share your photos and videos afterwards.

See you at the show!

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