Our Tiny Desk Favorites

Well we didn’t win with our Tiny Desk submission. We still maintain that “Gone” is a great new song, and there is little argument that our desk was one of the tiniest, if not the tiniest. Wow, is that how you spell tiniest? Yep. Look it up. Doesn’t it look weird? I know, right?! Tiniest. Tiniest. Anyway, I digress…

We’d like to congratulate Fantastic Negrito. Really great stuff. In our perusing through all the entries, that entry did stand out, so we think NPR got it right. We did have a couple other favorites as well…

For pure amateur comedic genius, we’d like to highlight Cold Blue Mountain’s performance of White North. This is a funny video; surprising coming from such heavy rockers:

And, for impressive solo looping talent, and for playing the friggin’ trombone, we’d like to point you to Christopher Bill doing “I Can’t Lie”:

There were a ton of great entries, but these were two that stood out to us, I mean other than ours. So, awesome job everyone. And thanks NPR for putting the contest on. The Tiny Desk Concert concept is a cool thing y’all are doing and we commend you. I mean, you even featured JEFF the Brotherhood. That is cool.

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