Did you get your tickets yet for the NYC show on Saturday, Oct 1?     ROAD TRIP ! ! ! !

CEG Presents grubspoon @ Arlene’s Grocery


Here are some suggestions for hotels* in (or near) the Lower East Side that are close to Arlene’s. We’d like to say a special thanks to D-licious (and Yim) who are our eyes and ears in the LES. They are really the original reason this whole hoopla is happening. You guys are awesome and we can’t wait to spoon ya soon!
These are not in any kind of priority order:
  • Comfort Inn Lower East Side
    This is the closest hotel to Arlene’s, literally a block and a half.  It’s similar to the Comfort Inn F.D. below, clean and seems like a good spot if you want to stay right in the heart of it all. But just to be clear, this part of the neighborhood is loud, so be ready to party.
  • Hotel on Rivington
    This is the second closest to Arlene’s. This was the first high-end hotel to come into the neighborhood so, lots of history as one of the first gentrification projects.  It has an eclectic vibe.  It also has a nice restaurant on the ground floor with a good brunch and is right next door to several brunch spots for those who might want to venture out on Sunday morning (we’ll still be up from the night before and probably need a refreshing Bloody Mary, so order a couple extra and we’ll get there).
  • Sixty Lower East Side
    This used to be called the Thompson Hotel.  It was an awesome spot when we friends of ours stayed there.  It’s the only hotel in the LES with a pool.  So, y’all can get a little pool party time. There is also an open air bar and restaurant on the second floor called Blue Ribbon Beer Garden and one of the best sushi spots in the city, Blue Ribbon Sushi.
  • Blue Moon Hotel
    This is very boutique-like and small, but nice, and in an excellent location.  The only thing about this hotel that we find amusing is that we never see anyone in the lobby during the day, which might mean it totally rocks at night. Party!
  • Comfort Inn Financial District
    About a 10-15 minute walk to Arlene’s (it’s not in the Financial District, even though that’s what they claim).  Clean and reasonably priced.
  • Howard Johnson
    Hilarious that this is called the Howard Johnson Soho.  It’s not in Soho, but tourists don’t know that.  It’s smack dab in the middle of the LES next to Chinatown.  It’s clean and is a good spot for the show, just a couple of blocks north of the first Comfort Inn listed above.
  • Holiday Inn Lower East Side
    This is in between Seward Park and Arlene’s.  It’s north on Delancey Street, which starts to get into the noisy part of the neighborhood, so again, be ready to party.
*We’re not endorsing any of these, nor are we accepting any responsibility when you have a blow out after-show party in your room and mattresses end up flying off the balconies. Be sure to invite us! Do your research to find a hotel that fits your needs! We’re just trying to jumpstart the process and help a homey out. 

We’ll be releasing our new single, Debutante, at the show! Share the news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag #grubspoon (after you get your tickets of course).

announcing the new single from grubspoon, debutante, Get Tickets Now! Saturday, October 1 at Arlene's Grocery, New York, New York

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