NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, Contest Entry

Ever listen to All Songs Considered on NPR, hosted by Bob Boilen? Ever watch the Tiny Desk Concerts? You know, the concert series that has features artists like Adele, T-Pain, John Legend and Wilco? We know you have.

Well, NPR Music sponsored a contest, looking for the next big artist to play behind Bob’s Tiny Desk, and we entered! Check it out, leave a comment, tell us (and NPR) how novel and well executed our video concept is, and how great our new song “Gone” is! Winners announced on Feb. 12.

If we win… oh, eh-hem, I mean… when we win, we’ll perform at the Tiny Desk at NPR and play the Lagunitas “CouchTrippin’ to Austin” show in March! I mean, a band can dream, right?


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