Looking Back: The First Show

Our first ever show was in December 14, 2002.  It was a holiday festival, called Chriswanzukkah, that Matt had been organizing as a fundraiser for Toys for Tots.  JJ, Matt and I were still a three piece, I was singing and playing drums, Matt was singing and playing guitar and JJ was on bass.  The set list only contained 4 songs: 5s, MRBS (early version of Sabrina), Water and Fuck Virginia.  This was the first and only time (until next week) than Grubspoon performed as a 3-piece.

I came across some old video of that very show a few years ago and now have finally got around to posting it here.  This is the first live performance of Fuck Virginia.

Grubspoon – Fuck Virginia (Live, Dec. 2002)

The band we opened for that night was Reticent Virgo, who became our very good friends, but at the time were nearing the end of their time together. Jim Schmidt, RV’s lead singer, is the one in the video giving the intro.  RV’s other two members were Scott Carpenter (who played bass with us in the Sonic Cheetahs of Death) and Grubspoon’s eventual and current drummer, Jeff Stitely.

– Andy

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