It’s time to make some rock


Well, the day has finally come. We are headed back into the studio to record our long awaited follow-up full length album. This is going to be so stinkin’ great. I mean, it used to be great, and now it will be great again. Wait, that sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it? I feel like it’s been said over and over with no real explanation as to how, but I just can’t place why. Deja vu. You just have to trust, I guess. Whatever, back to the point… I can tell you that we know how we’re going to make some rock great again. First, we’re going to start with distortion. Then, we’re going to play fast, play loud, and take it to TWELVE. And, we’ve again enlisted the talented crew at Studio Unknown, and this time we’re adding extra punch from the superstars at SongBuilder Studios, and Wrightway Studios. Thanks in advance guys, for all your input and patience. And thanks to our families, friends and fans for all the support. We love you all and can’t wait to rock again with you soon.

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