grubspoon available to play SXSW

You may have read all the buzz lately about Ex Cops blasting McDonalds for offering exposure, but not offering payment, to play SXSW. We’d like to respond by saying first, we are available to play. It sounds like there may be an open slot, so why not fill it with an awesome rock band from the BalWash? Ronald, just drop us a line. Second, I think perhaps a simple “no thanks” would have been sufficient. Why does everything have to be a big deal these days? I mean other than Virginia, there’s really nothing to get that fired up about. Third, the response from Ex Cops was actually veiled genius. What’s the saying, there’s no bad press? Even though Ex Cops comes across a little high and mighty, and whiny, they are getting tons of exposure (despite the golden arches) and that is brilliant. I wonder if it was their master plan all along? Hmmm…

Anyway, what this boils down to is, we’d love to play SXSW. On any of the stages, on any day… even at an event sponsored by Virginia Tourism. I’m not really sure why Virginia would sponsor a show in Texas, but hey, if they did, we’d play. Why? Because you see, we love to rock. We don’t need to do this. We do this because we want to and it makes us happy. We hope our music makes you happy too. Spoon ya soon… maybe in Texas? Things are big down there. Big like the Big Muff. Big like the Big Mac… which by the way, have you seen the new Big Mac commercial? This will never be kale. Hilarious.

Read the full article and the open letter from Ex Cops here.

Screen capture of Facebook post about the band Ex Cops who turned down playing SXSW on principle.

McDonalds Ask Indie Band To Play For Free at SXSW, Their Response Is Perfect

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