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The new album officially drops on Tuesday, January 24. While you impatiently wait, make plans to come out for the album release show on January 28th. Until next week, we have something special to tide you over.

Buy the first single Debutante, on CD Baby, download on iTunes, listen on Spotify, get it wherever, just do it and do it now!

Debutante is just a taste of the super groove that’s included on the new album, and as a special treat, we released a new version of an old fan favorite, FVA. So, get your ears ready and do some stretches and neck rolls because you won’t be able to sit still when this song drops into your music library. The bassline drives, the guitars explode, the melody will stick in your head like deliciously grungy glue and you will be bobbing your head and shakin’ your groove thang.

Debutante + FVA Single Art, pretty girl sitting in chair, black and white image, grubspoon logo

We’d like to say a special thank you to Song Builders Studio, Studio Unknown, and Wrightway Studios for being such an integral part of this process. It’s taken months and tons of effort but man oh man is it good. Thanks guys, you all are true Pros and we really appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

So hang in there, it won’t be much longer. You can pass the time by reminding yourself…

It’s what I want,
a debutante, and her mother!
To both approve,
to see them move, together…

Like everything,
you’ve never seen, just better.
to see the light, to be surprised, so come get her…