We’re now on bandcamp!

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted, so I thought I’d get a quick update out. We are continuing to record, and the new stuff is really great. You’re going to love it, trust me. We also continue to expand our online footprint to make sure everybody has exposure and equal access to all the grubspoon they can handle.

We’re on bandcamp, it’s a free music community for artists and fans. You can download grubspoon for free, again, yes, free, again.

Check us out;

Poolesville Day 2014 & New Music

We’re back at Poolesville Day on Saturday, Sept. 20.  We play at 12:45pm (yes, that’s in the afternoon) beside the Post Office.  Poolesville Day is awesome, it’s going to be a blast, we hope to see everyone!

In other news, we’re chipping away at our new record, with one song done and 7 others in various stages.  After Poolesville Day, it’s full steam ahead in getting it all laid down.  The working title of the record is ‘We don’t need to do this.’  The tunes are great, some are a bit of a departure from our other stuff, but we’re really digging it.  We expect the record to be out in early 2015, fingers crossed.

AND we’re going to be playing several of the new tunes on Saturday, so don’t miss it!

Grubspoon at Poolesville Day 2012, courtesy of Dave Sheron:



Get your download on

We just loaded up a bunch of music from our previous albums, and guess what…

…it’s FREE!

Check out our music page and download your daily dose of grubspoon. Songs span our entire album anthology, except for the Lightbulb Demo. Those classics are in a vault. Well, except for the one track that everybody loved so much, that we kept putting it on album, after album, after album.

Anyway, enjoy the free tunes. Listen to them and share them with your friends. Just be ready for the utter jubilation your pals express to you after you introduce them to the g.

Grubspoon Reunited

Grubspoon, Poolesville Day 2005

Grubspoon, Poolesville Day 2005

I’m taking a break from my boring old, nostalgic ‘Looking Back‘ series to give y’all a little context into what this weekend means to us.  This Saturday, September 15, Grubspoon will take the stage for the first time since June of 2006, and the first time in this area since earlier that same year.  We will be playing Poolesville Day, for I believe the 3rd time as Grubspoon (4th overall, we played it as Sonic Cheetahs one year).  I’d talk more about what we’ve been doing all this time, but that’s what my ‘Looking Back’ series is for.  So you’ll just have to wait.  Dammit.

So what can you expect?  Well, our line up is a little different this time around.  Instead of the 4-piece we were for most of our existence, we are now a 3-piece, with just Matt (bass/vox), Jeff (drums) and me (vox/guitar).  We will be loud, we will scream and yell a little, we’ll probably be sweaty, and it will be awesome.  Really awesome.

We’ll be playing an extended set, our typical Grubspoon club show setlist was about 10 tunes and lasted about 45-55 minutes.  For Saturday, we have about 15 tunes planned, and they span our entire time as a band.  It’s been really exciting to play through some of these again (a lot of which we had to play the original recordings and try to pick out again!).  We’ve had to rework some of the tunes with one less instrument, but I think it’s made us focus on each tune’s strengths, and they are all sounding great.  We evan plan to play a ‘new’ song. 🙂

Can’t wait to see everyone again, it’s been way too long!  We go on at 11:30AM (that is not a misprint, we play in the morning) in front of Jamison’s Realty and the old Town Hall on Fisher Ave.

– Andy

Looking Back: The First Show

Our first ever show was in December 14, 2002.  It was a holiday festival, called Chriswanzukkah, that Matt had been organizing as a fundraiser for Toys for Tots.  JJ, Matt and I were still a three piece, I was singing and playing drums, Matt was singing and playing guitar and JJ was on bass.  The set list only contained 4 songs: 5s, MRBS (early version of Sabrina), Water and Fuck Virginia.  This was the first and only time (until next week) than Grubspoon performed as a 3-piece.

I came across some old video of that very show a few years ago and now have finally got around to posting it here.  This is the first live performance of Fuck Virginia.

Grubspoon – Fuck Virginia (Live, Dec. 2002)

The band we opened for that night was Reticent Virgo, who became our very good friends, but at the time were nearing the end of their time together. Jim Schmidt, RV’s lead singer, is the one in the video giving the intro.  RV’s other two members were Scott Carpenter (who played bass with us in the Sonic Cheetahs of Death) and Grubspoon’s eventual and current drummer, Jeff Stitely.

– Andy

Looking Back: The Beginning

Grubspoon Demo - 2002Ten years ago, almost to the day, Matt and I ran into each other in a Bethesda bar called The Barking Dog.  We were joined by our very good mutual friend, JJ.  I remember the conversation starting like any other, but then peaking my interest as Matt announced that he’d just bought (or found, or stolen) an electric guitar.  I didn’t know he played, we’d known each other since college, but at the time were more friends of friends.  I told him that I played as well, and that I had also recently procured a hand-me-down drum kit from a family friend, and had been fooling around with it.   We both started to get excited, it had been years since I’d found anyone who 1) had a similar taste in music and 2) actually owned/could play an instrument.  The three of us decided to try and get together and jam in my basement, thus starting the first iteration of Grubspoon.

If you recall, those days were some strange and scary times in the DC Area.  Only a year had passed since the events of 9/11/2001.  On September 5, 2002, a 55-year-old pizzeria owner was shot six times in Clinton, MD, starting the two month long string of sniper attacks by John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo.  We practiced (and I lived) about 1/2 mile from the site of the shooting of 25-year-old Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera in downtown Kensington.  I don’t know if those events did anything to shape Grubspoon’s sound, but they did inspire one of our first songs, called 5s.

Those first few months, as we got ready for our first show (that December, ironically at the Chriswanzukkah Festival hosted by The Barking Dog), the three of us practiced once or twice a week, for hours on end, sometimes until 1 or 2 in the morning, basically fueled by Bud Light and a love for noise.  The volume was deafening, the cinder block walls in my basement didn’t exactly soak up the sound.  The basement room where we practiced was formerly a laundry room, and was lit by a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling.  We replaced the white bulb with a blue one, which ended up becoming on the cover of our first demo.

Those early days yielded some songs that we would end up playing pretty consistently for the next six years, namely Water, 5s, Static, And Now, MRBS (which later became Sabrina) and Fuck Virginia.

– Andy


Before embarking on the next chapter, let’s take a look back at where we’ve been. Perhaps Emily Tartanella said it best in a write-up at Earvolution.com in 2005;

grubspoon could be from two very distinct decades.

On one hand, they’ve got the vocals that would make Robert Plant nod approvingly. They feature drums that fall like rocks in a quarry. They swagger like the kind of band who would make their home at (the dearly departed) CBGB’s in the glory days of Television. 

Meanwhile they use guitars that might as well be swathed in flannel. With a call and a response, they can evoke some of the best (and occasionally worst) of recent metal. Not to mention, Grubspoon rock like the bizarre love child of Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. Make no mistake; this is guy-rock at its best, be it from the 70s or the 90s.

She had no way of knowing just how close to the truth she was, it’s just her math was off. The first grubspoon hay day was in the first decade of the two-thousands (’00-’06). Then the band decided to indulge it’s fantasy of a speedy, sonic death. But now reformed older and wiser, grubspoon’s second chapter will no doubt bring with it just as much swagger and this time we’re going to keep it simple.

Oh, but we still won’t forget to always start with distortion.