YNKWGTH (You never know what’s going to happen…)

Well, in this case, we do. We are going to make a refreshingly relevant, raucous, rabble rouser of a rock and roll record. (Alliteration… drop the mic.) We are going back to the studio (a.k.a. SongBuilders) tonight to continue the journey toward punk-ish perfection. Along the way we’ll be posting little snippets for you, some you may have already seen on Facebook and other not so social media places. This little clip gave me a chuckle, so I thought I’d share. One, because when preparing to make your amps go to 11, you really only need a few essentials with you, and two, because my dear Andy hates these particular essentials and much prefers the kind our fish likes to drink (hence FWABL… 10 points for whomever can tell me what that stands for). He drinks like a fish and he drinks like our fish. Ha!

Anyway, throw a couple cold ones in a cooler and hit the LITEs, it’s time to rock.

Wig Out at the Black Cat

We are pumped to be heading out tonite to see legendary DC melodic hardcore band Dag Nasty at the Black Cat. Hey, remember that time we played at the Black Cat with Suffrajett? Man, they were good and what a fun show that was… back… in… 2005… well, anyway, back to present day. Dag Nasty has been rocking on and off, in various forms, for a long time. They are a product of the mid-late 80’s post-punk hardcore scene that we love so much and that has influenced the grubspoon sound so heavily. It’s encouraging to see them still putting out new music and we’re looking forward to their upcoming 2 song release on Dischord on May 20. Speaking of new music, our recording session last weekend went great. Thanks again to WrightWay Studios, SongBuilders Studios and Studio Unknown. We still have work to do, so hang tight, but we are well on our way to sharing new grubspoon with our world of fans. We’re pumped to rock with you all too!

grubspoon plays the Black Cat circa 2005

grubspoon plays the Black Cat circa 2005 and we’re looking forward to a walk down memory lane while wiggin’ out with Dag Nasty tonite.

It’s time to make some rock


Well, the day has finally come. We are headed back into the studio to record our long awaited follow-up full length album. This is going to be so stinkin’ great. I mean, it used to be great, and now it will be great again. Wait, that sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it? I feel like it’s been said over and over with no real explanation as to how, but I just can’t place why. Deja vu. You just have to trust, I guess. Whatever, back to the point… I can tell you that we know how we’re going to make some rock great again. First, we’re going to start with distortion. Then, we’re going to play fast, play loud, and take it to TWELVE. And, we’ve again enlisted the talented crew at Studio Unknown, and this time we’re adding extra punch from the superstars at SongBuilder Studios, and Wrightway Studios. Thanks in advance guys, for all your input and patience. And thanks to our families, friends and fans for all the support. We love you all and can’t wait to rock again with you soon.

grubspoon available to play SXSW

You may have read all the buzz lately about Ex Cops blasting McDonalds for offering exposure, but not offering payment, to play SXSW. We’d like to respond by saying first, we are available to play. It sounds like there may be an open slot, so why not fill it with an awesome rock band from the BalWash? Ronald, just drop us a line. Second, I think perhaps a simple “no thanks” would have been sufficient. Why does everything have to be a big deal these days? I mean other than Virginia, there’s really nothing to get that fired up about. Third, the response from Ex Cops was actually veiled genius. What’s the saying, there’s no bad press? Even though Ex Cops comes across a little high and mighty, and whiny, they are getting tons of exposure (despite the golden arches) and that is brilliant. I wonder if it was their master plan all along? Hmmm…

Anyway, what this boils down to is, we’d love to play SXSW. On any of the stages, on any day… even at an event sponsored by Virginia Tourism. I’m not really sure why Virginia would sponsor a show in Texas, but hey, if they did, we’d play. Why? Because you see, we love to rock. We don’t need to do this. We do this because we want to and it makes us happy. We hope our music makes you happy too. Spoon ya soon… maybe in Texas? Things are big down there. Big like the Big Muff. Big like the Big Mac… which by the way, have you seen the new Big Mac commercial? This will never be kale. Hilarious.

Read the full article and the open letter from Ex Cops here.

Screen capture of Facebook post about the band Ex Cops who turned down playing SXSW on principle.

McDonalds Ask Indie Band To Play For Free at SXSW, Their Response Is Perfect

Our Tiny Desk Favorites

Well we didn’t win with our Tiny Desk submission. We still maintain that “Gone” is a great new song, and there is little argument that our desk was one of the tiniest, if not the tiniest. Wow, is that how you spell tiniest? Yep. Look it up. Doesn’t it look weird? I know, right?! Tiniest. Tiniest. Anyway, I digress…

We’d like to congratulate Fantastic Negrito. Really great stuff. In our perusing through all the entries, that entry did stand out, so we think NPR got it right. We did have a couple other favorites as well…

For pure amateur comedic genius, we’d like to highlight Cold Blue Mountain’s performance of White North. This is a funny video; surprising coming from such heavy rockers:

And, for impressive solo looping talent, and for playing the friggin’ trombone, we’d like to point you to Christopher Bill doing “I Can’t Lie”:

There were a ton of great entries, but these were two that stood out to us, I mean other than ours. So, awesome job everyone. And thanks NPR for putting the contest on. The Tiny Desk Concert concept is a cool thing y’all are doing and we commend you. I mean, you even featured JEFF the Brotherhood. That is cool.

NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, Contest Entry

Ever listen to All Songs Considered on NPR, hosted by Bob Boilen? Ever watch the Tiny Desk Concerts? You know, the concert series that has features artists like Adele, T-Pain, John Legend and Wilco? We know you have.

Well, NPR Music sponsored a contest, looking for the next big artist to play behind Bob’s Tiny Desk, and we entered! Check it out, leave a comment, tell us (and NPR) how novel and well executed our video concept is, and how great our new song “Gone” is! Winners announced on Feb. 12.

If we win… oh, eh-hem, I mean… when we win, we’ll perform at the Tiny Desk at NPR and play the Lagunitas “CouchTrippin’ to Austin” show in March! I mean, a band can dream, right?

Thank You

Thank you to everybody who came out to the Ottobar show last night. Wow, what a great show. One of our favorite quotes of the night was from one of our new fans, who after coming out of the mosh pit exclaimed, “I’m so excited, I think I might throw up!” He had the biggest grin on his face for the rest of the night.

What? You don’t believe there was a mosh pit? Check out a special video clip of “FVA” below. There were young kids, middle-aged men, mothers, girlfriends… all breaking loose to the FVA anthem.

[NOTE: Speaking of kids, don’t watch this with yours. This is for grown-ups.]

We’d also like to thank all the other bands. Everybody was super cool getting the place set-up before and between sets. We hope all our fans give them some love and hit them up on Facebook or at an upcoming show soon. Y’all rocked!

Milton J and the Leftovers
Foggy May
Brothers Clair
Never Ending Fall
and headliner Signs Point East

And finally, thank you to the Ottobar and to Gorilla Music. We had a ball and really appreciate you letting us be so obnoxious and have so much fun.

Ottobar Show Set Time Update

We’re pumped to see all of you at the Ottobar, this Sunday, January 18, 2015 for the “Best of Baltimore” show.

Set Time – 6:00 pm

Doors open at 4:00 pm. Come and hang out with us before our set!
The first band goes on at 4:15 pm.
We go on at 6:00, get there early… we play fast and you don’t want to miss a minute.

We have a terrific set list prepared, including old favorites like ventriloquist (download .mp3) and penance (download .mp3). We’re also unveiling some BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW GRUBSPOON, the kind that has never, never ever been heard in public before.

Get ready to ROCK.

And, of course, we suggest you make a full evening of the event. There’s an eclectic mix of music planned including rock, hip hop, folk, etc. Check out the other bands in the line-up as well, including;

Signs Point East (headliner)
Never Ending Fall
Foggy May
Brothers Clair
Milton J and the Leftovers
Yours Truly

… and heck, since we gave you links to all the other bands Facebook pages, why don’t you hit us up at the grubspoon Facebook page and be sure to share your photos and videos afterwards.

See you at the show!

Ottobar Show (Jan. 18th) Ticket Info

Get your tickets here!

Show Info:
Sunday, January 18, 2015 at the Ottobar, Baltimore MD

Go to Gorilla Music:

Fill out the form:

    1. Enter the city: Baltimore
    2. Enter the date: 01/18/2015
    3. Enter the band you are going to see: grubspoon
    (Please be sure to enter our name, so we get credit)
    4. Enter how many: Bring the whole neighborhood!

Bring your receipt to the Ottobar on the 18th and get ready to rock. You must purchase tickets online by Friday, January 16th before 2 pm (EST). Why wait? Do it NOW. You know you want to. We want you to as well. We will post here to grubspoon.com as soon as we know what our set time is, but go ahead and get your tickets. Right now.

Ottobar Show Announcement

We’re playing Baltimore’s famous venue, the Ottobar, on Sunday, January 18, 2015 in a band showcase headlined by Signs Point East.

Doors open at 4pm. Show starts at 4:15 pm and it’s ALL AGES! We’ll have a better idea of our set time in a few weeks, and tickets will soon be available on Mission Tix, but here are some details.

The Ottobar opened in downtown Baltimore September 1997 and then moved in November 2001 to 2549 North Howard street (lower charles village). National artists of note so far: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Drive-By Truckers, Dinosaur Jr, TV On The Radio, The Breeders, Maroon 5, Supersuckers, Quiet Riot, KRS-ONE, Jonathan Richman, David Cross, Michael Ian Black, At The Drive In, Atmosphere, The Melvins, Coheed And Cambria, Bouncing Souls, Animal Collective and of course, many many more. Local artists have included: Lake Trout, Glenmont Popes, Fishnet Stalkers, Thrushes, Celebration, Ponytail, Misery Index, Prince Charming Chazz and more.

Come out and rock to some new grubspoon; songs that will be on the new record! Be sure to check out our page at ReverbNation, listen to some of your favorite tunes and drop us a note. See you at the show!