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Can you feel it? An ominous ripple in the space-time continuum? That ripple kind of looks like a spoon, doesn't it? Well it's the new album and we hope you're prepared.

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Our catalog of epic, heart pounding, punkishly dissonant, super grooves is delightfully cleansing musical medicine for your soul. Download it. Love it. Rock it. Share it...

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We love to rock. We love to rock you. We know you love to rock too. Let's all join forces and blow the lid off this thang!

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Distortion. Always start with distortion.

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Album Release Party

What a great night we had for the “So Long To Cool” album release party! As a special treat for our adoring fans, we covered “Add It Up” by the Violent Femmes. It was so fun to sing and dance along with everybody! And we have to say, we have some of the hottest fans out there, just look, look, look at those hot mamas… just look, look, look at those hot mamas… thanks to all who rocked at Mum’s!

The new album is here! So Long To Cool…

The album is out! The album is out! Woo hoo!

Order “So Long To Cool” on iTunes now and we’ll see you on Saturday at Mum’s.

Okay, we know we say this a lot, but we have to thank Studio Unknown, and SongBuilder Studios, as well as Wrightway Studios for being part of making this a reality. Oh, and of course, thank YOU, our loyal fans for all the support over the years. We’re going to celebrate appropriately (by blowing the roof off the place!) at the album release party, so make sure you’re there to see us kick off the next chapter of this rock and roll adventure…


World Premiere Video – FVA live in studio

We are celebrating the upcoming release of our latest album, So Long To Cool, with a world premiere video of us recording FVA live in studio. Tag us @grubspoon and share #solongtocool (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever) and we’ll send you an exclusive, free download of FVA!!

The first single on the album, Debutante, was released with a live-in-studio recording of the fan favorite FVA. You can purchase Debutante and FVA, as well as pre-order the full album on iTunes. Check out more on our music page. Remember, tag us @grubspoon and share #solongtocool and get free music. Enjoy and F#@K VIRGINIA!

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